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Ed's Leadership for Massachusetts

Ed is a firm believer that strong competition, coupled with a level-playing field, fosters economic prosperity and creates jobs. Ed is a longtime champion for increasing corporate accountability and cracking down on lawbreakers with safer banking and financial service industry practices. He supports updated product safety standards and transparency in the marketplace.

Ed's Leadership for Massachusetts

America must lead in the development of clean energy technologies. Ed has fought for federal policies that enhance clean energy sources, which have helped bring more than 70,000 jobs to Massachusetts. In the Senate, Ed will continue his work to revolutionize our nation’s energy policies, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and pave the way for more clean energy jobs here at home.

Ed's Leadership for Massachusetts

Ed believes we can build on the gains President Obama and Democrats in Congress have made to jumpstart our economy by investing in our innovation economy to create the jobs of today in the industries of the future, such as telecommunications, clean energy, and biotech. By harnessing the energy and talent of entrepreneurs, educators, scientists and workers all across the country, Ed will be an active passionate voice in the Senate to create good paying jobs and promote economic growth.