Technology and Telecommunications

Ed is a national leader in technology and telecommunications and believes consumers, competition and choice are core values for a 21st century economy.

He believes in bringing competition to the cable industry to benefit consumers.

In 1992, Ed authored the landmark cable television regulation bill that opened cable up to competition from the satellite dish industry, and led the successful fight to make children’s educational television programming an explicit obligation of every licensee of the public airwaves.

Ed led the first major rewrite of the nation’s communications laws, resulting in his ground-breaking law that contains the landmark “E-Rate” program that has provided more than $30 billion to date for Internet access in low-income schools and communities helping to bring 21st century information tools to all.

The law also includes Ed’s “V-Chip” amendment, which empowers parents to block television programming they wish to protect their children from seeing.

Recently, Ed wrote the most comprehensive law to ensure equality of access to telecommunications technologies for individuals with disabilities since the Americans with Disabilities Act.