Women’s Issues

Ed is a passionate supporter of women’s rights and has a strong record of promoting gender equality in our country.

In the Senate, Ed Markey stands up for women’s rights, especially when extremist Tea Party Republicans threaten to dismantle a woman’s access to affordable health coverage and preventive health services. He works so that women all across the country can get the care they need and ensure equality in the workplace and in the economy.

Ed Markey is 100% Pro-Choice: Ed is a vocal advocate for a woman’s right to choose, which is why he’s earned the endorsements of Planned Parenthood and NARAL. Ed stands up to extremists in Congress who attempt to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Preventive Health Care: Ed voted for a health care reform law, which has helped expand women’s access to free preventive health services, like contraception and mammograms. Ed fights in the Senate to ensure women have access to these vital services and protects groups like Planned Parenthood from Republican attacks.

Equal Pay for Equal Work: Ed co-sponsored the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and supports the Paycheck Fairness Act because women deserve to earn the same wages as men. Ed fights in the Senate to end workplace discrimination and eliminate the gender pay gap.

Fairness in Health Care Coverage: Before the health care reform law, insurance companies were allowed to charge women more than men for the same health plan. “Gender-rating” by insurance companies cost women approximately $1 billion in additional insurance costs per year. Ed strongly backed the health care reform law, which now bans insurance companies from charging women more for the same coverage.