Addressing climate change is a generational challenge, and Ed has been the Congressional leader promoting solutions and urgent action to address the carbon pollution warming our planet. As Senator, Ed will bring a green agenda to the Senate by advancing legislation on climate change, clean energy, and clean-tech jobs.

Ed co-wrote the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which would reduce our dependence on foreign oil and would help create millions of clean energy jobs. Specifically, this bill would invest $1 billion to support worker training for new clean energy jobs and provide support to workers who move from traditional energy industries to advanced clean energy jobs.

Ed’s work on fuel economy led to the new 54.5 miles per gallon standard, which will double the fuel economy of new vehicles. When fully implemented, it will cut U.S. oil consumption by the amount of what we currently import from the Persian Gulf.

Ed’s leadership has focused on finding solutions to address the energy, economic and national security challenges associated with America’s dependence on foreign oil and increasing carbon pollution, and he will bring this fight to the Senate.