Environment and Energy

Ed Markey is passionate about revolutionizing our country’s energy policies to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and pave the way for more clean energy jobs here at home. Ed has always believed that America must lead in the development of clean energy technologies or we risk losing our advantage to countries like Germany and China. Ed has fought to protect federal policies that enhance clean energy, which have helped bring more than 70,000 jobs to Massachusetts.

Ed Markey has one the strongest environmental records in Congress. Ed co-wrote the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which would reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions and would help create millions of clean energy jobs. It is the only climate change legislation to ever pass either the House or the Senate.

Ed’s also taken on the Republicans’ “Drill, Baby, Drill” campaign by opposing the Keystone XL pipeline and helped prevent drilling in the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He secured funding to restore and re-sand America’s oldest public beach, Revere Beach and was instrumental in pushing to have the beach declared a National Historic landmark.

Ed stands up to the lobbyists and industries that have a vested interest in polluting our environment. He consistently stands up to Big Oil by pushing legislation to repeal the $7 billion each year in tax and free-drilling subsidies given to the oil and gas industry.

And Ed led the fight to hold BP accountable after its devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He forced BP to make its live feed of the underwater oil spill available to the public, leading scientists to determine that BP was drastically underestimating the amount of oil spilling into the Gulf, dubbing it “Spill Cam.”

Ed Markey will bring a strong record and a strong voice to the Senate to protect our environment and help usher in a clean energy revolution.