Jobs and Economy

Our country has come a long way since the Bush-era recession that sent our economy to the brink of collapse. But we still have progress to make. Ed believes we can build on the gains President Obama and Democrats in Congress have made to jump start our economy by investing in our innovation economy to create the jobs of today in the industries of the future.

By harnessing the energy and talent of entrepreneurs, educators, scientists and workers all across the country, Ed will be an active and passionate voice in Congress to create jobs and promote economic growth. Ed is a firm believer that strong competition, coupled with a level-playing field, fosters economic prosperity.

As Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Telecommunications, Ed supported policies that spurred competition, enabling a revolution in our nation’s telephone, broadcasting, cable television, wireless and broadband communication systems. He has been fighting to accelerate a similar innovation revolution in clean energy technologies.

Ed is a longtime champion for increasing corporate accountability and cracking down on the type of fraud and manipulation on Wall Street that led to the financial market meltdown that created recession in the first place.

Locally, Ed has helped to secure federal funding that generates economic development. Ed helped the Mystic Valley Development Corporation receive a grant that transformed a polluted, industrial section of Medford along the Malden River into the River’s Edge development, which brought jobs and economic growth to Everett, Malden and Medford. He’s also helped secure federal funding for an inter-model transit center, public plaza, and pedestrian walkway at Wonderland Station in Revere. The project has created hundreds of construction jobs and will attract hundreds of millions of dollars of private investment to the city.

In the Senate, Ed Markey will continue to work hard so Americans can get back to work and will help foster our country’s future economic growth.