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Through Four Debates, Desperate Stephen Lynch Still Can’t Run From His Opposition To Historic Healthcare Reform, A Woman’s Right To Choose


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Voting Against Affordable Care Act & A Woman’s Right To Choose, Lynch Stands With House Republicans – Not The People Of Massachusetts 

Charlestown, Massachusetts – Last night he called Ed Markey “an extremist.” Tonight he called him a “liar.” 

Through four debates, the people of Massachusetts have seen an increasingly desperate Stephen Lynch slowly blur the lines between fact and fiction, lobbing false and ridiculous attacks against Ed Markey in an attempt to distract from this all-important fact: By voting against historic healthcare reform and a woman’s right to choose, Stephen Lynch stands with House Republicans – not the people of Massachusetts.

Here’s how Ed Markey put it tonight:

“Which people Steve were you standing up for when you voted against the healthcare bill, and voted to deny every child in America healthcare? Who were you standing up for when you voted against a women’s right to choose?”

The answer: The Republican-controlled House of Representatives. 

Stephen Lynch stood with every single House Republican – not the people of Massachusetts – in opposition to the Affordable Care Act, just as he has stood with right-wing extremists like Todd Akin in support of dangerous anti-choice policies like a ban on women in the military having abortions in military hospitals.

“Tonight, the people of Massachusetts witnessed an increasingly desperate candidate in Stephen Lynch lob false and ridiculous charges against Ed Markey in a transparent attempt to distract from his opposition to historic healthcare reform and a woman’s right to choose,” said Markey campaign spokesman Andrew Zucker. “By voting against the Affordable Care Act and supporting dangerous anti-choice policies like an abortion ban in military hospitals, Stephen Lynch has repeatedly stood with House Republicans – not the people of Massachusetts. Ed Markey’s leadership defending historic healthcare reform and protecting a woman’s right to choose has made him the clear choice in this primary election, and through four debates Stephen Lynch has done nothing to change that.”


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