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Springfield Republican Endorses Ed Markey For Senate, “A Champion” Who “Better Embodies The Values Of The Democratic Party”


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Charlestown, Massachusetts – The Springfield Republican endorsed Rep. Ed Markey for Senate today, calling him “a champion” who “better embodies the values of the Democratic Party.”

The Republican lauds Ed Markey’s efforts to fight for Massachusetts, citing his leadership in helping to pass the historic healthcare reform law, championing environmental causes, enacting sensible gun laws and protecting a woman’s right to choose:

Markey, a 37-year veteran of legislative action, has proudly touted his record on issues that resonate with Democratic voters from health care to global warming. He voted for Obamacare, he has long been a champion of the environment and he’s been a vocal supporter of gun control and a woman’s right to choose. Our page has championed those causes as well.”

The Republican has sharp criticism for Stephen Lynch, who infamously voted NO alongside every Republican in the House of Representatives against the Affordable Care Act:

“Lynch, the former iron worker who has served as the congressman for South Boston for 12 years, has bucked the Democratic party on some critical pieces of legislation. He voted against Obamacare over a technicality in the bill and turned a stubborn ear to the bill’s supporters including President Obama and Edward M. Kennedy’s widow Vicki Kennedy.”

The Republican concludes by stating Markey “better embodies the values of the Democratic Party.”

“Our endorsement goes to Markey. He better embodies the values of the Democratic Party and he has proven over the years that he can work on both sides of the aisle to get things done in Washington. His work ethic mirrors that of Massachusetts political leaders who have raised this small state’s stature to national prominence.

“He deserves to move over to the Senate.”

Ed Markey has also been endorsed by the Boston Globe.

Read the complete endorsement HERE.


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