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REMARKS: Ed Markey Praises President Obama At Today’s Rally



JUNE 11, 2013

As Prepared for Delivery


Thank you all for being here this afternoon.

I would like to thank our great Governor, the incredible Deval Patrick, and Mayor Tom Menino, the best mayor in America.


In a few minutes, you will hear from the man with the most difficult job in America.

He is a Chicago Blackhawks fan, and it will be his job to congratulate the Bruins at the White House after they win the Stanley Cup this year. 

It will not be easy for President Obama, but I know he will do his best. 


There is so much at stake in this special election for the United States Senate.

This election is about banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that belong in combat, not in our communities.

My opponent opposes a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazine clips. He shares the same position as the NRA. I want to go to the Senate to say that the NRA should stand for Not Relevant Anymore.

This election is about making sure the wealthy pay their fair share.

I want millionaires and billionaires to pay at least as much in taxes as the middle class.  I support the Buffet Rule.

This election is about defending a women’s right to choose. 

I support a women’s right to choose. My opponent said he would vote for a Supreme Court Justice who could overturn Roe v. Wade and make women wait 24 hours before exercising their right to choose.

I would never vote for a Supreme Court justice who would overturn Roe v. Wade. 

This election is about keeping in place the rules that stop Wall Street from rigging the system and destroying the hard-earned savings of millions of Americans.


This election is about your families, and families across America. This election is about your hopes, your dreams, your children. And it’s about our future.

That’s why I am running to be the next United States Senator for Massachusetts.

I will stand up in the Senate and be a strong, passionate voice for the working families across our state.

I want to fight for a future that is more educated, more healthy, more prosperous, and more fair for all people of Massachusetts.

I want to fight for good jobs that give everyone a fair shot at the American Dream.

I want to fight for investments in infrastructure to put people back to work rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges.

I want to fight for policies that promote our biotech, clean tech, telecom-tech economy here in Massachusetts.

We need a green energy revolution. We can save the planet and create jobs at the same time.

We need to fund the National Institutes of Health. Research is medicine’s field of dreams from which we harvest the findings that will bring the cures to Alzheimer’s, to Parkinson’s, to cancer, to diabetes. We shouldn’t be cutting the NIH budget, we should be doubling the NIH budget.

And I want to put a college education within reach for all our students, with affordable loan rates that do not create a mountain of debt.


Republicans in Washington and their special interest allies have very different priorities.

They want to roll back the progress we have made under President Obama’s leadership.

They want to slash investments in the programs that spur growth and create jobs.

They want to keep shoveling billions in subsidies to the big oil companies that they don’t need and we can’t afford.

They want to balance the budget on the back of the middle class.

And they want to cancel out Elizabeth Warren’s vote in the United States Senate. I want to go to Washington to partner with Elizabeth Warren and have a strong vision and voice for Massachusetts. We did not elect Elizabeth Warren in November to cancel her vote June.

Because I know when it counts, we Democrats don’t AGONIZE, we ORGANIZE!


And that’s what we are going to do every day of this campaign. We’re criss-crossing the state, traveling from Pittsfield to Peabody, from Newburyport to New Bedford.

And I am so glad President Obama is here today. 

To explain how important this election is for moving his agenda forward.

President Obama is such an incredible leader for our country.

He led us out of the depths of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

He passed an historic health care reform law. He mad sure that all children in American could get health care and that no one should go bankrupt because they get sick. That simply being a women is no longer a pre-existing condition. That young people can stay on their parent’s insurance until they are 26. And that seniors can afford the medicine they need because he closed the donut hole.

He ended the War in Iraq. 

He ensured that women receive equal pay for equal work.

I could go on and on. 

President Obama helps us lift our gaze to constellation of possibilities for our country and for our world.

Every day, President Obama is making America a better place for all of us.

And so it is a great honor for me to introduce the 44th President of the United States of America.

Ladies and gentlemen, President Barack Obama. 

-END –