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Markey Challenges Republican and Democratic Candidates for US Senate to Accept ‘People’s Pledge’

Says Outside Money Has No Place in MA Senate Race

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Medford, MA – Throughout the rest of the nation, the terrible legacy of Citizens United was on full display during the last election, making clear the toxic effect of advertising attacks by unaccountable, often anonymous, third parties. The Senate campaign in Massachusetts successfully avoided this vitriol when both candidates mutually agreed to an enforceable plan – a people’s pledge – to keep outside group-funded ads out of the campaign. This year’s special election again provides the opportunity to maintain these high standards of transparency and accountability.

Rep. Ed Markey (D-Malden) released the following statement regarding third-party and special interest spending in the upcoming Massachusetts special election for the U.S. Senate seat, calling on candidates from all parties to join him in signing the people’s pledge.

“I am challenging all of the candidates – Democrats and Republicans – in this special election for the United States Senate to join me in committing to the people’s pledge upon entering this race. If all the candidates agree, we can give the voters the kind of debate they deserve. This election should be a forum for the voices of everyday voters, not attacks from Karl Rove and other outside special interests. This election should be focused on big issues and ideas, not big-money outside groups. I urge all candidates to join me in ensuring that Massachusetts once again will be the leader for the nation on this issue.”