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Senator Markey Calls on All 2016 Presidential Candidates to Release Plans to Address Heroin and Prescription Drug Epidemic

Medford, Massachusetts – Senator Ed Markey (D-Mass.) today called on all 2016 presidential candidates to release plans to address the heroin and prescription drug crisis. Hillary Clinton today released a detailed plan to fight addiction, with particular emphasis on increasing medication-assisted treatment. Senator Markey has been a leading voice in Congress, releasing a comprehensive strategy to combat the opioid crisis and introducing legislation and conducting oversight on federal prevention and treatment efforts.

“The epidemic of prescription drug and heroin addiction knows no geographic boundaries and our response as a nation should know no political boundaries. I call on all 2016 presidential candidates, regardless of party, to develop and release their plans to address the opioid crisis. Every single state across the country is drowning in a wave of deadly opioid overdoses and addiction. The only way we will stem this tide is with an immediate and sustained response, including education, prevention, and treatment. I also call on each of the candidates to raise awareness of this epidemic by discussing the issue on the campaign trail with voters. Heroin and prescription drug addiction is often called a silent killer, but we cannot be silent anymore if we are going to make progress combating this crisis.

“Candidates may not agree on many issues, but they should all agree that we must act now to combat this public health crisis for the sake of our entire nation.”


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