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Patriot Ledger Endorses Ed Markey For Senate, “A Vocal Advocate For Massachusetts And Consumers Of Every State”

Charlestown, Massachusetts – The Patriot Ledger endorsed Ed Markey for Senate today, calling him “a consummate legislator” and “a vocal advocate for Massachusetts and consumers of every state.” 

The Ledger lauds Ed Markey’s efforts in Congress on behalf of the people of Massachusetts, noting his work opening the Internet up to competition and protecting children’s privacy online: 

While many Members of Congress introduce bills and offer amendments, Markey has the prowess to get his passed. He led the way in opening up the Internet to competition and has continued to ensure it remains a place for freedom via his Internet Freedom Preservation Act.

He’s authored and passed legislation to protect children online, and has consistently been an advocate, working with Republican leaders, for privacy for all. 

The Ledger also praises Markey’s efforts as a “persistent watchdog of the nuclear industry: 

Markey has been a vocal and persistent watchdog of the nuclear industry, and outspoken on all of Plymouth’s Pilgrim nuclear power plant’s shortcomings – though it’s far removed from his district. 

The Ledger concludes:

Given his record as a vocal advocate for Massachusetts and consumers of every state, Markey is the better choice.


Read the complete endorsement HERE.


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