Safety and Security

Ed has spent his career making the people of Massachusetts and the nation safer and more secure. He is a staunch advocate for gun control and reducing gun violence and has supported commonsense gun reforms that preserve the Second Amendment and protect our children, our parents, and our friends. In 1994, Ed identified a deadly loophole enabling cheap Chinese semi-automatic assault weapons to flood into the U.S. He urged President Clinton to place an emergency moratorium on the importation of these military style assault weapons from China, including the SKS, MAK-90 and other similar weapons.

He has strengthened port, rail, and aviation security, inserting major new security mandates into legislation implementing the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, including passing legislation to mandate screening of all cargo on passengers planes and scanning of cargo arriving through our ports. He has worked tirelessly for security of nuclear, chemical, and biological materials. In response to concerns over safety at liquefied natural gas terminals, such as the one located in Everett, Ed authored a law that requires minimum standards for the location, construction, and operation of any new LNG facility. And Ed has worked to upgrade the security at nuclear reactors and control the import, export and domestic sales of materials that could be used to construct a dirty bomb.

In the Senate, Ed will continue his commitment to ensuring the safety of all families in Massachusetts in their homes, communities and throughout the nation.