Republicans Have “No Clear Plan”

“Congressional Republican leaders returned to Washington this week with no clear plan for extending government funding later this month that risks shutting down federal agencies” –Washington Post, 9/9/15

In 12 days, the Tea Party is on track to once again shut down the government. And Republican leaders have no plan to stop them.

At issue is federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which serves 2.7 million Americans and more than 30,000 people in Massachusetts each year. That funding helps Planned Parenthood provide cancer screenings, prenatal services and reproductive health care services. Now the Tea Party wants to defund Planned Parenthood, and their legislative strategy is straightforward: if you won’t give in to our demands, which will hurt American women, we will hurt the American economy instead.

Our response must be equally straightforward and equally forceful. Add your name to mine and tell the Tea Party — no more government shutdowns.

I could tell you what another shutdown would mean by citing the number of Massachusetts seniors whose Social Security checks could be jeopardized. Or I could remind you that the last government shutdown cost our economy $24 billion.

But this issue goes beyond dollars and cents. It’s one thing to refuse to compromise in pursuit of a greater future for all Americans. It is a far different thing to refuse to compromise for purely political reasons.

Seniors, students, soldiers, and veterans will lose if the Tea Party shuts down the government. Women, children, and families will lose if we cave in to the Tea Party’s demands. We have only one viable option: fight back.

Join me and tell the GOP to stop attacking women and stop threatening a government shutdown.

Thanks for your help,