Renewing the Call for Action on Climate Change

During his recent visit to the United States, Pope Francis stood before a joint meeting of Congress — the first Pope in history to do so — and renewed his call for action against climate change.

He said: “In Laudato Si’, I call for a courageous and responsible effort to ‘redirect our steps,’ and to avert the most serious effects of the environmental deterioration caused by human activity. I am convinced that we can make a difference and I have no doubt that the United States – and this Congress – have an important role to play.”

The science on this issue is crystal clear: Climate change is real. Human activity has made it worse. And the United States MUST be a leader in fixing the problem.

Urge Congress to be a global leader on climate change. Add your name to the petition.

I visited the Vatican last year as the only American representative in a group of six international legislators who are working in their respective countries toward combating the problem of climate change. It solidified for me what I’ve believed for a long time — that the United States can and MUST be a leader of this effort.

I authored the only comprehensive climate legislation to ever pass a chamber of Congress. I’ve worked hard to crack down on Big Oil, make investments in the clean energy revolution, and decrease our dependence on foreign oil.

Combating climate change is good for our economy, good for our national security, and as the Pope reminds us — a moral imperative that we cannot ignore. Join me and urge Congress to be a global leader in the fight against climate change. Sign the petition today.

Thank you.